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Homescore is the modern, affordable and professional survey choice. 

Why choose Homescore?

  • Professional homebuying advice

  • Report delivered to you the same day as the inspection

  • Cheaper than a Homebuyer Report or Building Survey

  • Simply 1 to 10 scoring system

  • Uncluttered easy-to-understand reports

  • 18 individual and comprehensive sections

  • Valuation excluded to avoid paying twice

Our specially trained RICS surveyors are happy to talk you through any queries you have after receiving your report. 

The Homescore is suitable for conventional houses, flats or bungalows as long as they're built from common materials and are in reasonable condition. The Homescore has been designed specifically with potential home buyers in mind.

Please note, we would not recommend this report for properties over £700,000 in value and would suggest the Homebuyer Report or Building Survey would be more appropriate. 


The Homescore Report does not include a valuation but we are able to provide this as an additional service. 

Get a Homescore Quote

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