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Home Survey:
Level 3

The Building Survey (also known as the Home Survey Level 3) is the most in-depth and comprehensive of our reports.

The inspection and report goes into a greater level of detail than the level two product, providing further advice regarding cause and remedy of defects and potential issues which could arise should they not be addressed.

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More minor defects which are not included in the Homebuyer report are covered here, and advice is also given to defects which may be present in areas hidden from view.


We would recommend you select this option should your property be more than 100 years old, larger in size, run-down, of non-conventional construction (e.g. historic timber framed or stone built), or you plan to undertake extensive works.

Our Building Survey is presented in an easy to read format using the RICS standard reporting traffic light system, enabling you to easily understand where defects are present at the property. The report also includes pictures to clarify exactly where a defect has been identified.

Our RICS accredited surveyors are highly experienced and knowledgeable and are usually available to carry out reports within a week of instruction. You will receive your report withing 3 business days following the inspection.

Our surveyors are on hand to talk through any information or advice provided in your report after you have received it so you can feel confident about understanding your potential purchase.

We arrange the survey for you. All you need to do is call our office or send us an email with the property details and we will arrange access directly with the estate agent or vendor. 



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