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Snagging Survey

It is vital to have your new-build property checked to ensure it is in line with the highest quality building standards and you're getting what you've paid for.


What is a snag?

A snag is a small defect or issue that is evident in your new-build property after the building work has been completed. Snags usually include aspects of the property that are damaged, broken, appear unfinished or not fitted correctly. 

When should I get a Snagging Report?

Like most of our reports, we recommend you instruct our experts prior to purchase but once the property is completely finished and ready to move into. This would usually be when you're about to exchange contracts. 

We advise clients to get this prior to moving into the property as it is easier to identify snagging issues that were there before you moved in and it is easier for contractors to work in an empty property.


However, as part of your property's warranty you have two years from your completion date to report any defects to your housebuilder. So if you have already moved into your property we can still provide a snagging report.

Why choose Walker Dunn?

Unlike other snagging companies, our team of experts are all RICS qualified surveyors who specialise in residential properties. They are professionally trained to identify defects in all types and ages of properties therefore are best placed to identify snags in your new build property.

Get a Snagging Survey Quote 

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